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Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for an alternative to glasses, contact lenses could be just the solution for you. They are unobtrusive and invisible to the naked eye so don’t alter the appearance of your face.

Contact Lenses also give you the freedom to indulge in sporting events and pastimes where glasses are likely to get broken or damaged.

Our contact lens fitting team are here to put you at ease and answer all your queries about contact lenses including fitting, care and continued use, whether you go for daily or monthly lenses. Our team of experts will teach you the correct way to fit and remove your lenses, and we know that many people have a fear of touching their eyes so our team have a wealth of tips and tricks to put you at your ease when doing this. It’s something many people are reticent about doing but done right, you’ll never know you’ve got them in and you’ll be able to remove them without even thinking and you’ll be a confident contact lens wearer able to take the world in your stride with super clear vision.

Come in for a consultation and see if contact lenses are the solution you’ve been looking for!